The Companies Act, 1956, is the single largest piece of corporate legislation, in India, with a span of over 650 sections, dealing with and prescribing, the legal frame work, under which all kinds of Companies are formed, managed and dissolved or liquidated. Experience has clearly proven, that applied Company Law, is often difficult, time consuming and difficult to interpret. Only seasoned professionals, can interpret and arrive at reasonably accurate conclusions, which guide the course of Companies. Legal opinions and corporate guidance are the back bone of a Company. We have over the years, developed sharp analytical skills, in applied Company Law and other Corporate Legislations, relating to Securities Law, Corporate Governance and finding practical and pragmatic solutions, for Company Law problems.
Our team has a rich experience, in setting up partnership firms, private and public limited Companies, in the shortest possible time. We advise, on the type and structure of business entities, keeping in mind, the nature of activity and dynamics of every business, which is industry specific and subjected to diverse regulatory environment. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s) are a new breed of corporate entities, which have come into existence, with the enactment of the “Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008”. This form of business enterprise, seeks to combine the advantages, of a regular partnership business and the limited liability status of the partners / directors, as in the case of limited Companies. Private Limited Companies, are easily set up, most popular and subjected to minimum regulatory compliance, while Public Limited Companies, enable the promoters to access capital markets.
As a business grows in size, revenue and volume, the need arises for re-structuring. For eg : Growing partnership firms can be converted into limited Companies, similarly, private limited Companies can be converted as public limited Companies and vice-versa. Under the present regulations, limited Companies can be converted into LLP’s. We handle conversion & re-structuring assignments, deftly and with discretion.
As Companies grow in size, volume and revenues, they come together to eliminate competition and achieve operational synergy. Further, growing business groups, always have an eye on competitors and rivals, which often lead to negotiated mergers / amalgamations and acquisitions or takeovers. Takeover of listed Companies, attract the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of shares & Takeovers Regulations) which regulate takeover of Companies. Mergers and amalgamations are controlled by the Companies Act, 1956. We are well equipped to handle such assignments.
Foreign investment refers to down stream rupee investments, in an Indian enterprise / Company, by non-residents, foreign companies, foreign nationals and other institutions. Most sectors have been de-classified for foreign investments, with repatriation benefits, while certain sectors are subjected to limits and sectoral caps, while in certain other sensitive industries, like retail trade, atomic energy, railways, tobacco, plantations etc, FDI has been prohibited. FDI includes both direct and indirect investments in equity. Even partnership firms are eligible for FDI, with previous permission from the Reserve Bank. FDI in other sectors, where automatic route is not available, shall be permitted by the Government of India, through the Foreign Investment Promotion Board. Multi / Transnational Companies find it easier to set up joint ventures, with Indian partners and Corporates. We have developed practical expertise, in offering comprehensive solutions, including establishment of JV’s, special purpose vehicles (SPV’s).
Special provisions are available for registration of trusts, societies and not for profit Companies, for social service, charitable and philanthropic, educational, sport and religious causes.

Initial public offerings, further public offerings, rights issues, preferential issues and other forms of convertible and non-convertible issues, are gaining momentum, in the Indian Capital Market scenario. All capital issues by Corporates, are subject to the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulations, which are strigent laws and violations can result in extreme penalities. We offer expert advisory services, as consultants. We offer expert services with regard to ESOPS and sweat equity, bonus issues, debenture issue and debt capital.

Expert advisory services pertaining, to latest and best practices, in Corporate Board room management, disclosures, conflict of interests and Corporate Governance norms, as prescribed, under stock exchange regulations and issues related to regulatory compliance.

Buy back of shares is resorted to by companies, to increase its intrinsic share value, to thwart hostile takeover attempts, to return cash reserves to shareholders and to achieve capital adequacy. Buy back of shares, under certain circumstances, has been permitted under Indian Company Law. Apart from compliances under Company Law, certain regulations, under the SEBI guidelines, have to be complied with, by listed companies.
Shares of companies are valued for determining enterprise valuations, for determining share exchange ratios, in the event of mergers and amalgamations, for determining price of shares for business purchase and takeovers and for attracting strategic investments and venture capital funding.
Winding up or liquidation refers to closing down of companies, under various circumstances. It is a process under which companies are closed down and the assets and liabilities get distributed to different stake holders. There are three modes of winding up. They are voluntary winding up, winding up by the Tribunal and liquidation by striking off defunct companies by the Registrar of Companies.
Branding and Trade Marks registration, provide for protection of intellectual property rights. We specialize in Trade / Service Mark registration.
India has over the years, evolved a host of labour and industrial laws, with respect to workmens’ compensation, industrial relations and environment, social security, superannuation and termination and workmen’s insurance. We offer expert advisory services with regard to these laws.
We provide expert advisory and consultancy services, with regard to Direct Corporate Income Tax laws and Indirect Taxation laws, such as Central Excise and Customs Law, double taxation avoidance treaties between sovereign states and countries.
We specialize in drafting Corporate and Commercial contracts, shareholders’ agreements, joint venture and foreign collaboration agreements, contract of employment, contracts of novation, non- disclosure and non-compete agreements, agency agreements, marketing, dealership and distributorship agreements, sole selling agency agreements, R & D agreements, franchise agreements, share purchase and transfer agreements, sale of property agreements, assignment deeds, GPA and SPA, release and indemnity agreements and other non specific general and corporate agreements.
We undertake corporate legal and regulatory compliance audits and due diligence assignments and exercises.
We undertake to negotiate on behalf of corporate clients, with banks and financial institutions, for raising of working capital and term loans.

The Companies Act, the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, the Stock Exchange Listing Agreements, SEBI Regulations, Labour Legislations and a host of other Corporate Laws, prescribe time bound statutory filing of annual returns, annual reports, accounts, continuing disclosures to the stock exchanges, SEBI, Foreign Exchange, Reserve Bank guidelines and other statutory authorities. We handle the entire gamut of statutory filings and keep clients well informed of their obligations.

We assist in setting up of non-banking financial companies such as Housing Finance Companies, Leasing and Hire Purchase Companies, Commercial Credit Companies. These Companies are subjected to stringent regulations, prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India and are closely monitored by regulatory authorities.

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